I have become addicted to the act of travelling. I went on my first overseas trip at the age of 19. But it wasn’t until a trip I took after my quarter-life crisis did I realise how wonderful it is to open your eyes and heart to the world. Travel shows me different ways to live. It contributes to my personal growth and for me it is the best form of education. So I have created this blog to share how travel enriches my life.

I’m not an extreme adventurous traveller. You won’t see me skydiving out of planes or bungee jumping off bridges (I wish I was that brave). I’m not overly spontaneous either. I leave room for the unknown but normally I plan everything. I’m a wanderer too. In every place I visit, I wander aimlessly around, taking photos of things I find interesting. I also hate flying so it still surprises me that I manage to board a plane. I’ll admit I’m a cautious traveller. But I promise you, it’s never boring.

It might get a little personal at times. That’s because my travels are almost always a life-changing learning experience. I also love music – my first love. Music is definitely intertwined with my travels. But ultimately, I’ll keep it about my journeys around the globe.

So if you have managed to stumble on this blog, I hope you continue to follow my adventures. Welcome to Tripping Over Travel!