Melbourne is still one of my favourite places to explore and photograph. I am proud to call this city my home. After all, in 2015, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Ranking (they sound important) Melbourne was once again named the number one most liveable city of the world!

For many years I took my city for granted. But throughout my young adult life, as I have been travelling around the world, I have learned to appreciate it more. Every time I return from an overseas trip, I fall in love with Melbourne again. I will visit the same places repeatedly but each time with a different perspective that I have gained from parting ways momentarily. As a result, I will have a new and exciting experience in a familiar place.

The city of Melbourne is charming. You can see it and feel it when you wander around the Central Business District (CBD) and the inner city suburbs. Firstly, there is the street art found in countless alleyways, lane-ways and walls, which connects with the urban lifestyle, particularly in fashion, always an inspiration to me. This brings me to the people, notably, the thousands of students, both local and international, filling the streets, restaurants and cafes, as well as commuters, workers and tourists, joining the hustle and bustle of the city. They all add to the vibrancy and to the life of Melbourne.

We love our food and espresso. Despite having the usual café chains, most of us will scout the best cafes, sometimes hidden between the busy city streets or the opposite, like the openly inviting and popular Degraves Street. You will never be hungry in Melbourne. Whether you’re after fine dining along Southbank or cheap eats in Chinatown, Melbourne’s diverse food culture caters to everyone’s taste.

There are always events happening in and around the city. Personally, I like attending the cultural festivals, experimenting with foods of different nations and being entertained by cultural performances. I am also a fan of Melbourne’s live music scene and have found myself in many bars, festivals and arenas, with sweaty mosh-pits, smoky dancefloors or comfortable seating. The arts and theatre are always buzzing with fresh productions, with many performed in magnificent heritage venues. Plus, there is plenty of sport all year round.

For the nature lovers, there’s my absolute favourite – the Royal Botanic Gardens – where you can completely lose yourself in the wondrous park and totally forget that there is an active city not so far away. But if you’re on your lunch break or time is limited, there is Flagstaff Gardens (and now Flagstaff Railway Station is open on weekends!), Carlton Gardens or Fitzroy Gardens available to everyone for free! We’re also lucky to have several beaches easily accessible by public transport from the city centre. Most people are familiar with St Kilda beach but I prefer Port Melbourne, Middle Park and South Melbourne beaches. Take a walk along Beach Rd and you’ll be able to see all those beaches in one day! If you are willing to travel a little longer but not too far from the city, go to the famous Brighton Beach (Dendy Street Beach) with the colourful sheds or Sandringham Beach.

Consider this post an introduction. Over time, I will share more specific posts about Melbourne. For now, I just want to share my love for the city!