Mount Macedon, located in the north-west of Victoria, Australia, has been on my list for several months. The funny thing is, every time the opportunity arises, I haven’t been able to seize it. Until recently, when I think my best friend felt sorry for me and asked me to go with her. Nevertheless, I was thrilled! But before I proceed with my brief but lovely afternoon in Forest Glade, I am going to outline my previous misfortunes.

  1. A friend and I chuck on our fitness gear and head to Mt. Macedon for an early morning hike… but it was the foggiest day ever! I thought dementors were in our midst. We deemed it unsafe to hike… not because of dementors but due to poor visibility #expectopatronum
  2. A last minute family outing is organised at Hanging Rock, which is in Mt. Macedon. And when I say family, I mean everyone! The rare but epic family adventure… but I already had plans in the Dandenong Ranges, on the opposite side of Victoria.
  3. A group of friends plan a fun-filled day trip to Mt. Macedon, including Hanging Rock and two other gorgeous gardens… but it clashed with my Adelaide getaway (see my previous blog post – A weekend in Adelaide).

Then finally, on a glorious Saturday morning, my bestie asked me to accompany her, and I made my way in a flash!

We explored Forest Glade. Once you pay the entry fee, what you will see is unquestionably beautiful! I went during mid-autumn, my favourite season because the colours of trees and leaves are so warm and rich. I was among stunning autumn scenery to my absolute delight. Being the self-proclaimed wanderer, we followed the circuit, scattered with leaves, through the various gardens. The Japanese garden was notably striking. I noticed one particularly spacious lawn area that would be a perfect spot for a picnic. But if you do plan a picnic, don’t settle for too long, because the whole of Forest Glade is worth seeing. So make sure you walk the whole circuit!

It was a fleeting afternoon but I am still very glad that I got a glimpse. I look forward to more adventures in Mt. Macedon and of course, sharing my stories with you.