Long before I knew that wandering the world was how I desired to live my days, I found another form of travel through music.

Music has played a significant role in my life. I do believe that listening and dancing to music is my way to travel to a place of happiness; a place where I cannot be disturbed and just feel the rhythm, sing the lyrics and completely lose myself in the moment. It’s the same feeling I get when I travel to a new or favourite place around the world. It’s my lust for escapism.

As a child, my family didn’t go on “family trips” or anything like that. It simply wasn’t feasible. But I do immensely appreciate the resourceful ways my parents found to entertain their kids, and one of those ways was letting us listen to music. I’m a 90’s kid so my parents recorded video clips and award shows on VHS and bought cassettes that we would play on our stereo (I still own that stereo). At a very young age, my siblings and I very quickly learned how to use the VCR and cassette player to record songs from TV and radio. This is how we spent most of our childhood. When I visited my cousins’ house, they owned a CD player (we eventually got one in 1996), and I would grab the same albums to listen to, which were Michael Jackson – Dangerous, Mariah Carey – Music Box and Twinz – Conversation. It didn’t stop at childhood either. My love for music continued to grow through my adolescence, during university and well into adulthood. I even had a stint in community radio in my early 20s. They were fun times!

Twirling around at Forest Glade in Mt Macedon, VIC, AUS
Twirling around at Forest Glade in Mt Macedon, Victoria, AUS

By the way, if you do not understand some of the terms and abbreviations in the previous paragraph, you’re too young!

I remember sitting in a train from Boston to New York City looking out the window, realising that within minutes, this train was going to stop and I was about to see, breathe and be in New York City. I compared that moment to when you are standing in a mosh-pit (or sitting in the stands) and your favourite artist that you’ve spent your hard-earned money on for a ticket is seconds away from appearing on that stage in front of you. The anticipation is so great you could pass out. That is exactly how I felt leading up to the moment I approached Manhattan. When I disembarked the train, I felt like I could have sung and danced my way through New York City, like it was a gigantic mosh-pit, or dancefloor, or even better, my own stage.

To me, the thrill of travel is an extension of my relationship with music. Music will always be the first place I go to when I want to be somewhere else. But now that I am an adult, earning my own money, I can physically travel elsewhere, and even better, I can take my music with me!



*Feature photo taken by DJ Cisco Kidd