I was in Queenstown, NZ in May and the weather was the coldest I have ever experienced. Keep in mind that I am from sunny Australia. I thought Melbourne was cold but it’s got nothing on Queenstown when it comes to the cold. So what did I do to stay warm? I ate… A LOT!

Here’s a list of my favourite eateries in Queenstown:

The Fat Badger

This place was so good I ate here twice. The Fat Badger is known for their pizzas… because they are gigantic! The size was as big as the table we were dining at. And it was delicious! The pizza menu is very comprehensive but they also serve a great selection of appetisers, which we nibbled on while patiently waiting for the biggest pizza serving of our lives!

My friends and I eager to get a slice!


I have spoken about the Skyline Restaurant in a previous post. But I am mentioning it here again for emphasis. I loved it!

Some of the desserts offered at Skyline Restaurant
Some of the desserts offered at Skyline Restaurant


Fergburger is by far the most well-known eatery in Queenstown’s city centre. I think the fact that it’s one of very few burger joints in the area adds to its appeal. However, the menu is fairly unique; they use brie cheese in their burgers, which I’ve never seen before!  It’s open very late too. My friends and I got a taste of Fergburger at 1am after a night out. We were satisfied, therefore, I still recommend Fergburger.

Bespoke Kitchen

This was the best place for breakfast/brunch! The liveliness is proof that patrons enjoy eating there. I devoured a delicious serving of Eggs Benedict with Bespoke’s very own hollandaise sauce. They also serve super healthy juices and smoothies as well as an extensive range of raw, vegetarian and vegan food. I will certainly return to Bespoke Kitchen.

Breakfast! #nomnom
Breakfast at Bespoke Kitchen! #nomnom

The Cookie Muncher Cookie Bar

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will drool at the sight of their cookies. I was desperately trying to stay healthy on this trip but when my friend introduced me to The Cookie Bar, it was over. I did actually resist on our first visit. But on our final night in Queenstown, we stepped in the welcoming warmth of The Cookie Bar (and I am not kidding, their heating is cranked up to the max) and spoiled ourselves with cookies and hot chocolates. It was very pleasant.


P.S. I’m sorry for not having photos for every eatery suggested. I get carried away with food that I forget to take a photo sometimes, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you have a blog and you’re trying to recommend the place! I’ll do better next time =)