Ever wondered what’s inside a traveller’s handbag? Do you ever worry that you’ve forgotten something when you board the plane? KEVIN!!! (Please don’t forget your 8-year-old son). Well, I’ve compiled a list of travel essentials that I MUST have on me, as part of my carry-on (excluding ID because that’s obvious!).


  • My phone – Because it’s the 21st century and we all can’t live without our smartphones. I mainly use it to listen to music and contact people (hi mum!) via social media or various apps.
  • Camera – Ahhh my beloved camera. Well of course it is so I can capture all my travel memories and share them with you all, most likely via the above item – my phone!
  • Tablet – I have a Samsung tablet, which is not really an essential item as it pretty much provides the same functions as my phone. But to save battery on my phone, I use my tablet to watch videos or read eBooks if entertainment is not provided on the flight.
  • Headphones – I never leave the house without a set of headphones and I get irrationally mad at myself when I forget to pack them. Commuting from one place to another can take a long time and I need my music to help make the journey a bit more interesting. I’m also a nervous flyer and music relaxes me.
  • Charges and adapters – I used to check these items in but when my luggage went missing for the first time after a flight I realised that I should always have them with me when in transit.



  • Lip balm – Damn you chapped lips!
  • Hand moisturiser – Again, damn you dry skin! Luckily, it comes in exactly 100mL.
  • Mascara – You never know when you might need to do yourself up! I usually look like I just rolled out of bed when I am in transit so I try to put in a little effort with my appearance. I’m a bit lazy with make-up when I travel.
  • Black eyeliner – For when I really need to spruce it up!
  • Hand sanitiser –I’m a bit of a germophobe.
  • Sunglasses – For when I arrive in my sunny new destination!



  • Eye mask – I’m a light sleeper so I need an eye mask to conceal the light when I am on a plane.
  • Neck pillow – I’m now on the fence with this item. It’s awkward to hold and usually doesn’t fit in my backpack because of everything else I have in there.
  • Glasses – I wasn’t sure where to categorise this but I definitely need my prescription glasses, especially when I’m trying to read tiny writing from afar, like those screens at the airport that show the gate number for your next flight.
  • Tissues – Because I am that girl that spills everything.

Did I miss anything? What are your essential items when you travel? Feel free to share in the comments box!