We all know I had a ball in Europe. Travel is all about having as much as as possible. But sometimes you encounter bumps along the way. So to make your journey easier, I’ve put together a short list of things to look out for when travelling around Europe:

Stairs – Especially spiral staircases. It seems Europe don’t like elevators. 

Tipping – This is only relevant in some European countries, and it’s not as strict as the US. But I still can’t keep it in my head that tipping is necessary. This will only affect Aussies and maybe New Zealanders too.

Pickpockets – Always be vigilant when travelling. This is not a problem in every country, and it can be less of a problem in some cities compared to others. We generally don’t worry too much about this sort of crime in Australia, so it’s important to remember where you are and be self-aware.

Paying to use a public toilet – I know it’s usually only 0.50 Euro and it goes towards cleaning and maintenance but as I am not used to this, I always found myself rummaging through my purse for change.

Pigeons – There are SO MANY PIGEONS in Europe! They fly really low too; it feels like you’re being swooped!

I could only think of five things because Europe is otherwise AWESOME!!!

Did I miss anything? Feel free to share any tips or advice you might have for readers travelling to Europe =)