In 2016, my goal was to visit Lake Bled. If I didn’t go, I would have felt deeply unaccomplished. It’s just how I get when it comes to travel. It all started with one photo I saw on Instagram, posted by Ilhan1077. He regularly posts different photos of Lake Bled under different climates, and they’re all absolutely beautiful. I saw the photo in January 2016, and my mind went in circles with planning and budgeting so I could make my mini dream come true.

In September of the same year, I joined a G Adventures tour called Venice to Budapest Express. Sandwiched between these two gorgeous cities was Bled in Slovenia. I was lucky to have several girls on the tour who were keen as beans to see the best view in Bled. One of these girls had actually thoroughly researched the different viewpoints. So I got super lucky!

Me looking out at Lake Bled

We chose to walk the Velika Osojnica trail. Most of the path was gravel – I managed to slip once on the way down. Going up was a challenge. It was roughly 700m on an incline the whole time. I think it took roughly 40 minutes to reach the top. In the last 100m I was getting delirious and started singing a Drake song… there are two reasons why. Firstly, earlier that day we were singing and Drake-style dancing to “Hotline Bling.” Then during the last leg of the hike, I saw the number 6 carved on a tree. Naturally, “Know Yourself” came into my head – “Running through the 6 with my woes / Counting money, you know how that goes.” You know how that sh*t go? 😉

Now the moment you have all been waiting for… reaching the top! I must commend the girls who completed this hike with me, it was a real team effort, and we were supportive of each other every step of the way. The whole experience was very “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.” Once we were at the top, the photos did not stop! We went crazy taking all sorts of shots and hilarious selfies, making the most of our time up there, enjoying one of the most stunning views I have ever seen in my life. It was another unforgettable moment in my adventures around the world.

The “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” photo…