I haven’t been on a plane since December 2016.

I recently said that out loud at a birthday party. My cousin looked at me and said “Angie, that’s ok! There’s nothing wrong with that!” She’s right. I just feel less like myself when I haven’t travelled somewhere far and completely different to home.

Honestly, despite “running” (I use that term loosely) a travel blog, I have had limited opportunities to travel overseas this year. I went on a road trip to The Grampians earlier in the year with some friends, which was great – awesome place for hiking and waterfalls! I’ve also been on my own random adventures around Melbourne. I even did a walking tour and pretended to be a tourist in my own city. It was interesting to see how Melbourne is presented to travellers. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

MacKenzie Falls, Grampians, Victoria, AU

Come to think of it, Melbourne has been my main source of travel these days. It’s totally possible to be a tourist in your home town! Even though I live here, there’s always something new to see and explore. I’ve gained an interest in old architecture. If you follow me on Instagram (@trippingovertravel) you would have noticed some of the amazing buildings scattered all over the city. I feel like there aren’t many of them as more high-rise buildings are taking over. So it’s important (to me anyway) to capture these historical buildings and remember how Melbourne once looked like.

InterContinental Melbourne

To my delight, I had the opportunity to play tour guide again when my friend from the US came down for a week in July. I love showing off my city so every day we went on a new adventure, exploring Melbourne through the eyes of Angie. This will always involve a trip to the State Library because I’m in love with the Dome, 333 Collins Street, The Block Arcade (with a solid minute of drooling at the Hopetoun Tea Room cakes) Parliament House, Old Treasury Building and Royal Exhibition Building. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for observation decks so Eureka Tower got thrown in the mix. A wander through Degraves and Hosier Lane was mandatory to feel the true Melbourne vibe. I wouldn’t typically take anyone to Melbourne and Olympics Park unless the Australian Open (tennis) was on but my American friend appreciates sport so we toured the precinct. The Shrine of Remembrance was a worthy visit, as well as the Brighton Bathing Boxes. I always insist on taking people to Docklands, even though it’s generally a ghost town (sorry Docklands!). But I feel like as a city and a community, we haven’t tapped into its fullest potential as a hot spot. So I feel like it’s my duty to include Docklands in my education on Melbourne. A seasonal event like the Winter Night Market at Queen Victoria Market was a must because it’s my favourite thing to do every Wednesdays during winter in Melbourne.

The Dome, State Library of Victoria
Royal Exhibition Building
View from the Shrine of Remembrance

Of course, there are places that were missed during my friend’s visit. We mainly ticked off the major sights and attractions. But it gives him a reason to come back!

These itchy feet of mine will be in the air again eventually. You didn’t expect me to go a whole year without overseas travel, did you? I will be in the northern hemisphere towards the end of the year. But I’ll share more on that as we get closer to my departure date.

For now, I’ll continue my love affair with the most livable city in the world – Melbourne!