Once upon a time, I believed Los Angeles was simply Hollywood and the LA Lakers. I know, how terrible of me! Well after 6 weeks of practically living in sunny SoCal from Thanksgiving to New Years, I can now say there are plenty of things to do in the City of Angels!

The Getty Museum – Even if you’re not the most knowledgeable when it comes to art, the views alone a worth coming here for.



Malibu Wines – I’ve never been to a wine tasting before so this was a new experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Malibu Wines runs a safari too! I didn’t get to experience it but next time I will plan it better. Besides, the wine was good enough for me and I looooove eating cheese with it!


Bradbury Building – I discovered this on Insta and loved the interior so I made it a priority to go. I was glad I did. Thanks to good timing, it was decked out in Christmas decorations when I visited. You gotta appreciate old architecture.


Grand Central Market – Markets are enjoyable for me in general and Grand Central Market in Downtown LA was no different. Plenty of food options for everyone!


The Last Bookstore – I would never have known to visit this wonderful bookstore if I wasn’t hanging out with a local. Endless amount of books housed in a beautiful building.


Angels Flight – Apparently this ride was closed for many years and only recently re-opened (lucky me!). For only US$1 (or.50c if you used the metro), you can travel up or down the very short but charming ride.


OUE Skyspace LA – I’ve said this before but I love observatory decks and panoramic views. If you’re like me, then OUE Skyspace LA is a must! There’s an awesome glass side on the outside walls of the building! Plus, Collete Miller’s wings provide the perfect photo op!


Perch – People still gotta eat! I chose to have brunch at the very cute and classy Perch. Enjoy the views of the city while sipping on mimosas!


Griffith Observatory – Ahhhh, the famous Griffith Observatory! This has been on my bucket least ever since I watched Rebel Without A Cause (I know, how unoriginal…but it’s the truth!). If you are in LA, you have to go to Griffith Observatory, it is a significant part of LA. The views are magnificent! Good luck trying to find a car park close-by at sunset though, everyone wants to see the sunset from up there. It’s totally worth the trouble though. Griffith Observatory was one of my highlights.


LACMA – I didn’t make it inside…I only reached the light posts…


Other notable mentions for places to visit in LA:

….and further down south in Orange County: