It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. My priorities have changed dramatically over the last 18 months and as a result, I have neglected Tripping Over Travel. But lately, my wanderlust has been super strong and I feel compelled to pack my bags and fly somewhere, anywhere.

So why won’t I do it?

At the end of 2016, after my big, solo Europe trip, I was approaching my 28th birthday and decided I needed to be “an adult.” I made a promise to myself that I would get a job and stick to it, and I would save my money to buy my first property. My age has made me feel like I have to do this, otherwise, I’ll be under my parents’ roof forever! But I have also learned the benefits of long term investments, such as property and shares. So I’ve been putting my money towards saving up for a property, and not for extended travel.

I’ve been really good. I think I have shown tremendous patience, self-discipline and focus. On my 28th birthday, all I had was $3000 in my bank account. Now, I am on track to reach my goal deposit amount to be able to apply for a home loan. I have saved this money by myself and living with my parents has helped immensely.

But I’m now facing a small, first-world problem… I look at my savings and I feel proud of what I have achieved in that regard. I often read various articles about property investment and research the hot spots in Australia for growth. I LOVE budgeting and forecasting, as well as chatting to like-minded people who are financially savvy and understand the rewards of long term investing. It really sparks a light in me.

At the same time, I also fantasise about using a portion of that money to visit places I have never been to. At the top of my list are the Greek Islands, the Baltics, the Pyramids of Giza, Marrakesh in Morocco, and national parks in Canada and the USA. I know I can do it. I have the time, money and energy to make it happen. But I worry about the position I will be in once I satisfy this need to see these places around the world.

These past 18 months have been a true test of delayed gratification. I’ve had to restrain my impulsive habits to get to where I am today financially. Do I throw it all away because YOLO? Or do I stay on track and “do the right thing”?