It still remains one of the best weeks of my life.

I was sceptical about the cruise ship at first (we all know the Titanic!). But for a style of travel that seems confined, for me, it turned out to be absolutely liberating.

After spending 9 days exploring Peru with my cousin and a friend, we boarded the Royal Caribbean Cruise: Oasis of the Seas a little bit sick of each other. We still had to share a cabin together (thank goodness for the ocean view room!). But we spent most of the week going our separate ways.

I will admit for the first 2 days, I was homesick. I missed my family and friends, the ship didn’t have free WiFi (and I didn’t want to pay for it) and there was a (temporary) disconnect with the people I was travelling with. So how did I tackle this…?

I decided to stop being so mopey and made the most of the cruise…

  • I went for a run around the perimeter of the ship. It had an actual track.
  • I attended a boot camp class at the gym (yes it had a gym).
  • I went to the salon (yep, it had a salon too) to get my hairrr did! A girl means business when she decides to change her hair.
  • I got dressed up and went to a show that night. The cast of HAIRSPRAY were doing a season on board. How freakin’ fabulous is that!?!
“Welcome to Baltimoooore!!”

The third night shaped the rest of my experience on the ship. I went to the poolside nightclub, all by myself, not knowing what to expect. I laugh as I write this because I cannot believe I’m sharing this story with the world. So I walked in and noticed this guy noticing me as he walked out. He made a u-turn and asked me to dance. In my normal life I’d be nervous. And excuse the controversial statement but American guys are a lot bolder. But I was in a nightclub on one of the biggest cruise ships in the world, in the middle of the Caribbean. So I thought, f*** it, YOLO and said yes!

He ended up being much younger than me (but still legal age lol) however, we became good friends and meeting him changed everything. This guy was literally the most popular guy on the ship. In the space of 3 days he managed to meet so many people, which meant I started to meet more people through him. I found myself with a really great group (they were all American or Canadian) and I had a crew to hang with every night.

It’s amazing what can happen when you say YES!

On the final night of the cruise, we all knew that we would never see each other again. So we pulled an all-nighter, stayed up dancing in the club until it closed, then chilled out on the deck, talked, laughed, and watched the sunrise as the ship arrived at Fort Lauderdale. It sounds super cheesy but that’s exactly what happened!

Within an hour of the ship arriving, we said our goodbyes, I was off the ship and at the airport, Cancun bound. The turnaround was so fast I barely remember it. Plus, I hadn’t slept!

Monkey towel!

Notable highlights of the Royal Caribbean Cruise – Oasis of the Seas:

  • The dinner we had every night was perfect. I’ll never forget the onion bread with butter.
  • The staff on board were so sweet. They were from all over the world. They all had fascinating stories and a reason for working on a cruise ship. I remember the effort they went through to find soy milk for me. And how our towels were always presented in an awesome origami design (as pictured above).
  • Everything is on the ship, you would think you were in a hotel or a mall. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gym, salon, theatre, cinema, Starbucks, rock climbing, zip lining, pools, shows, casino, the list goes on! They even screened the NBA playoffs. I don’t know how they managed to broadcast ESPN in the middle of the sea.

I used to think cruises were for seniors or families. They definitely are but that’s not the only market. I was a single girl in my 20s and had an unforgettable time.