I am extremely fortunate to have had the same best friend for over 20 years. We met in primary/elementary school in 1994 and I cannot imagine my life without her. As we both approach a new phase of our lives, I can’t help but reflect on the strength and longevity of our friendship.

In this blog post, I’ve listed 21 signs that you have a best friend for life:

  • You can’t imagine your life without them
  • You and your bestie are so close they feel like family. Their parents and siblings feel like your family. You know everything about them and your BFF knows all about your family.
  • They are super loyal.
  • When you finally catch up after a long period of time, it’s like you saw them yesterday.
  • They know what makes you happy, sad and angry and you can express all emotions in front of each other.
  • They defend you and always take your side. But if they don’t, they will be the voice of reason.
  • Even when you have a disagreement, you forgive, forget and move on. Life is too short to hold a grudge.
  • They accept and tolerate things about you that annoy them. For example, I’m a nervous driver and prefer not to sit behind the wheel if I can avoid it. My best friend NEVER makes me feel bad for it.
  • They are extremely reliable and never let you down.
  • They are honest with you.
  • You often mention them in conversations and when other friends finally meet your bestie, they’ll be like “it’s nice to finally meet you!”
  • You can easily make decisions together, reach compromises and rarely clash.
  • When you’re really in sync, you can read each other’s minds or anticipate what the other is about to say.
  • They are always supportive of you.
  • You can be ridiculously silly around each other
  • Conversations about money aren’t awkward. You shout each other and know it’ll balance out.
  • You have a gazillion photos of them and with them from across the years.
  • You can recount endless shared memories.
  • You can travel with them and it’s not annoying.
  • If you’re not married yet, you know they will be in your bridal party
  • They are simply ones of the best human beings in your life!

I hope you’re as lucky as I am to have a life-long friend!