Gardens by the Bay was defintely my favourite sight in Singapore. It was so good, I went twice in one week!

The first time was a Tuesday night, and I didn’t really have a plan. A local friend let me borrow his MRT card (train ticket) so I used it to catch the train to Marina Bay Sands. The loose plan was to do Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay in that one night (they’re next to each other). Little did I know that both sights are insanely huge! It’s impossible to thoroughly explore both sights in one night. I decided to skip Marina Bay Sands (to visit another day), and went straight to Gardens by the Bay.

Upon arrival, I made the second realisation that the Gardens is also way to big too explore in one night. So I got a map, made note of the free areas, and literally walked around the whole place – every little path, section, mini garden, everything! I even ate dinner at Satay by the Bay. As the sun was going down, I made my way to Supertree Grove (which is what you always see on Instagram). I feel so ignorant saying this but I didn’t even know about the OCBC Skyway (tree walk) until that night. That whole section is specatular! The trees, the way it’s lit up, the colours, the city in the background, the atmosphere and seeing people relaxing on the ground, enjoying themselves – it’s a wonderful place. I was really lucky to get a ticket to the last Skyway entry (it’s timed entries and the number of tickets is capped). But it was still an hour away before I could go up.

Again, I got lucky with time because as soon as I bought my ticket, the light show was about to start – I also wasn’t aware of this so it was another pleasant surprise! I found a spot on the ground, sat and watched a magnificent light show, backed by songs from ABBA, The Bee Gees, the Grease soundtrack, Barry White, and more! It was totally my jam!

But the night wasn’t over yet! I still had to go up the Skyway. The ticket was only SDG$8.00 by the way – so cheap! I could have spent hours up there taking photos of all the views. But I’m guessing that causes congestion because there are staff at the top guiding people to the end of the walk. I highly recommend going up there, it looks and feels amazing.

You know when you have those nights where everything is perfectly aligned without you having to strictly plan? When timing is perfect and the night runs so smoothly you can’t believe your luck? That’s how this night felt.