If you are a foodie, you will love Singapore. Even better… if you like affordable dining and cheap eats, then Hawker Centres are where it’s at!

I had at least one meal at a Hawker Centre every day during my week in Singapore. At the time, I was not a pescatarian, so I did eat other meats. There was one Hawker Centre where you could buy chicken, rice and a few sides for SDG$2.50!! That’s ridiculous value!

There’s so much variety at Hawker Centres, so it’s a good place to go with a group. They have rice, noodles, meat, seafood, ice-cream, everything! It’s not just food though. The bigger markets will also have stores selling clothes, or touristy things like magnets, bags and pocket mirrors. I bought 2x maxi-dresses for SDG$13.00 each.

Hawker Centres are everywhere in Singapore. A simple Google search will reveal your nearest one. That’s what I did when I was there.

They do like their spicy foods and chilli in Singapore. Wednesday nights is “ladies night” so on a Wednesday night, I took myself out to dinner at Wings Bar in Clark Quay and bought 6x chicken wings with their signature Singaporean sauce (fries and cider on the side!). By the time I finished my 4th wing, I could not feel my lips and tongue. I finished the last 2x wings but could barely taste it. I was just eating to not waste food at that point. It was amusing though. I was at the restaurant alone, laughing at myself for eating food so spicy I lost all my senses – coz I’m weird like that lol.

For something fancier, chilli crab is a signaure dish in Singapore. I treated myself to one on my final night at Boat Quay and it was delicious (yep, I ate a whole crab by myself!). The staff were super lovely. I told them I was a traveller and I wanted to try a crab but wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish it. They walked me over to the tank and pointed out a smaller sized crab, asking me if that was a suitable size, and it was! They charged me SDG$20.00 less for it too. You get the whole experience with the bib and tool to crack the shells. With a white wine and a table by the river, it was a perfect night.

Oh, and there is no shortage of bubble tea!